Real time rendering third edition

Cover of real time rendering third edition

Real-Time Rendering, Third Edition is the new reference for you people out there that want to learn how real time graphics is done. Read more after the jump.

So I finally received my copy of Real-Time Rendering, Third Edition : Thank you Eric ! There are so many books out there about 3D and real time, but there’s only few that are actually worth buying and that contain so many informations about how graphics is done in a modern graphic hardware and in modern applications. Actually if there’s a new hire at our company, that’s probably the only book I would recommend (well I used to recommend the second edition) especially if they’re new to graphics and don’t have first hand experience with graphics hardware (yeah that’s what we do). So what can you learn in this new edition :

  • Case studies from the XBox360 GPU, PS3 RSX, Mali 200 and future hardware
  • A primer on graphics pipeline, performance investigation and optimization technique
  • Survey on collision detection techniques and acceleration structures, as well as linear algebra refresh
  • Texturing, shading, lighting, shadowing, antialiasing, high dynamic range, and much more

So basically if you’ve been visiting In a coder’s mind, and found the articles interesting then that book is probably made for you !

Where to order : Real-Time Rendering, Third Edition


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