Power consumption of the PS3 Slim

Sony just announced a new “slimmer” version of their console the PlayStation 3. Since there seems to be an interest in my previous article about the PS3 40GB power consumption and I know I would have been interested, here are the numbers.

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The ultimate arcade coffee table

It’s definitely an idea that I share with some people out there that it would be cool to combine the conviviality of the coffee table with the old arcade gameplay. I have seen designs floating around. But here’s what I would like to have.

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Real time rendering third edition

Cover of real time rendering third edition

Real-Time Rendering, Third Edition is the new reference for you people out there that want to learn how real time graphics is done. Read more after the jump.

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The catch all spam form

Spam can image
On my main website (In a coder’s mind) I had to choose a way for people to contact me. Putting my email address in plain form with a mailto: link was out of the question, as it is quickly harvested. I could create an address distinct of my main address but I would have to read it anyway. The efficiency of adding “spam” or other keywords to the mail address to render it invalid to bots can be hard/cumbersome to track and what if the email address already contains the word “spam” (some of my legitimate addresses do !). So I decided for a site wide contact form. Now the contact form has disadvantages too. You cannot send attachments (in this implementation) or other well formatted emails. And also it is not really devoid of spam. As you have robots that harvest email addresses, you also have robots that search the web for contact forms and to fill them with random garbage, usually in the shape of links to medication websites.

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TR2N : Tron 2 announced and some teaser released

Tr2n logo
People who attended the Disney panel at Comic con apparently had the chance to see a very early preview of the next TRON film, called TR2N or TRON 2.

Now what does it matter to me ?

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PS3 40GB power consumption

Playstation 3 picture

I had been looking for something like that for a long time, some hard data on the power consumption of the new model of Playstation 3 (40GB that was released in November 2007)

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What’s on my mind

This journal will track every day things that I’ve been investigating, interested in, ranting about. It is not aimed at a particular readership except myself so bear with me and don’t be too harsh on the content itself.